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Cross Pointe Innovations covers a diverse range of services based on our substantial experience and knowledge of corporate and vertical markets.

Cellular Telecom Expense Management (CTEM)

Supporting a multicultural workforce in terms of strength, location, and mobile devices and traversing through the emerging mobility challenges. 80% of all businesses are spending more than 25% they should on their cellular wireless expenses month over month. CPI designs a strategic approach that is cost-effective and reduces time consumption.

We are here to assist you in keeping track of all your technology expenditures by closely collaborating with you. Our team helps develop a practical plan that can be implemented while benefiting from your budget once we know what you want to do. At CPI, we want to understand how you envision your technological infrastructure and design services that effectively contribute to your firm’s success.

Save data and technology

Why Is CTEM Critical

Communication is always important but often comes with a high cost, and we are here to handle these expenses so you can focus on delivering your messages clearly. Our CTEM solutions will assist your business in lowering and controlling global communication costs.

How You Can Benefit From Our CTEM Services

  • Since 2009, our CTEM Services have saved our clients over $13 million.
  • Since 2009, our CTEM clients have benefited by 31% of current average savings.
  • We provide you with free wireless analysis.
  • Shared savings based on actual outcomes
  • Monthly auditing and simplified customer reports
  • Our ‘Tier 2 Support’ featured managed support.
  • Free carrier services with our Cross Mobile Solutions partnerships included.

Our Process

Most wireless consulting firms provide information, send an invoice, and then disappear as soon as the money is paid. We recognize that the Wireless Cellular landscape is always evolving, and we have built our consulting services to reflect this. We provide a comprehensive set of managed Wireless Services to assist clients in adapting to evolving technology trends and navigating through their internal processes. Our consulting services go beyond simple advice to cover the following:
Business Technology Survey

A full active field survey is required for every wireless consultation. We want to understand the value and use of Mobile Technology in your organization as it contributes to the success of your business. Through this survey, we will identify what technology solutions are used as well as how they impact the operation and success of your organization. Our objective is to identify the opportunities for improvements with processes, solutions, and expenditures. During consultations, our staff will use information collected to make precise recommendations for your work environment.

Results and Implementation

Once our survey is complete, we will present to you the findings with the opportunities to help you maximize the use of Mobile Technology and Expenses in your organization.


We provide proactive and reactive wireless support throughout our engagement with the services your organization utilizes with the use of Mobile Technology. Our service packages are adaptable to the requirements of any size company.

“We don’t get paid if we can’t save you money with your existing wireless services.