We had the opportunity to work with the Pleasant Hill Police Department improving their cellphone service within the building. With the installation of the Wilson Electronics 4300, we were able to improve better cellular coverage throughout the building.

Having a reliable network for communication within law enforcement is critical for many reasons.

1. Safety: Cell phones provide an added layer of safety for police officers, allowing them to quickly call for backup or alert others if they are in danger.

2. Communication: Cell phones provide instant and reliable communication between police officers, dispatchers, and other emergency personnel. This is crucial in emergency situations when every second counts.

3. GPS and mapping: Many cell phones have GPS technology that can be used to locate individuals or track the movement of suspects. This information can be vital in investigations and can help police respond to emergencies more quickly.

4. Access to information: Police officers can use their cell phones to access important information, such as criminal records, vehicle registration, and other data that can aid in their investigations.

5. Evidence gathering: Cellphones can be used to record audio or video evidence of a crime or incident, which can be used in court to support the prosecution’s case.

We appreciate the partnerships that we have with our integration teams. If you are experiencing slower cellphone speeds in your building, give us a call for more information on how a Distributed Antenna System can work for you.