Skradski Heating & Cooling: Newest CPI Client

Cross Pointe Innovations welcomes another new client engaging with the CTEM Program; Skradski Heating & Cooling

Cross Pointe’s CTEM (Cellular Telecom Expense Management) program has yielded huge results in realized savings back to it’s clients since opening in 2009.  Just under $8Million saved to business owners with a current average of 40% above existing cellular wireless spends which allows customers to reinvest in the new technologies, improved processes within their business, and keep employees employed.

If you have a business using cellular technology services – then you too could be spending more than you should and not even know it, as the cellphone companies have become very clever in increasing costs while decreasing quality of services to their customers.  Don’t be another victim of paying more than you should; call us at 877-290-3782, or email us at to set up a free consultation.

Cross Pointe Innovations Welcomes New Client

Cross Pointe Innovations would like to welcome it’s newest CTEM client; Brush & Roll Painting of Omaha, Nebraska. Brush & Roll Painting specializes in cabinet refinishing among other specialty painting services in the residential market, serving the Omaha Metro Area for the last 20 years. Cross Pointe Innovations would like to thank Brush & Roll for the opportunity to service their wireless communication needs.

Cross Pointe Innovations; founded in 2008, has been servicing businesses in reducing cellular telecom expenditures exceeding over $7 Million in realized savings for their business customers using AT&T, Sprint, US Cellular, and Verizon Wireless.

Is your company paying for cellular technology in the workplace? Then there is an 80% probability that you too are spending more than you should be. STOP wasting money and START reinvesting it within your business; call Cross Pointe Innovations for a FREE Consultation at (402)934-1452, or email us at

VNA extends customer agreement with CPI

Thank you to VNA for extending your commitment to CPI. We look forward to our continued business relationship.

Verizon extending new discount for BYOD

Verizon Wireless offering customers new discount for BYOD environments.

Verizon Wireless (NYSE:VZ) said customers who are on month-to-month contracts or who bring their own phones can now get discounts on their service pricing by moving to the carrier’s “More Everything” shared data plans.

Starting April 17, existing customers who are on month-to-month contracts who move to a More Everything plan and choose plans with data allowances of 8 GB or below can add a smartphone for $30 per month, saving $10 per month, and customers who choose plans with data allowances of 10 GB and above can add a smartphone for $15 per month, saving $25. Those $30 and $15 charges are monthly access fees per smartphone, separate from the cost of the plan they choose.