Verizon Admits Data of 6 Million Users Leaked

Have you ever been frustrated with your wireless carrier when trying to do anything with your account?  Wondering why it is they have so many forms of verification before they will even speak to you – the account owner?  Yet, on Wednesday, Verizon confirmed that over 6 Million users data was leaked after being hacked.  To read more about the compromise click the link:  Verizon User Data Leaked

Your user information is of high priority to be protected by all of the wireless carriers, and too often businesses will simply trust their carrier representative to just take care of things for them.  In 2009, Cross Pointe Innovations recognized this was going to be an ongoing issue – developing a business model to add a layer of trusted services where business owners can rest their heads at night peacefully.

Enterprise Mobility Management solutions are just one area that can help you as a business to protect your back end from being compromised via the mobile platform.

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